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Importance Of Environmental Remediation Services

Environmental remediation helps in restoring contaminated brownfield sites either for redevelopment or to return them to their natural state. The unique challenge to clean up is that the sites have been used to dispose of hazardous chemical waste. Most of these sites, known as Superfund sites, fall under federal regulations and are overseen by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA organizes the cleanup of these sites, requiring the responsible party either to perform the cleanup or reimburse the government for EPA-led cleanups. Environmental remediation services are highly regulated and are subjected to a lot of legal requirements, which are generally based on assessments of human health and environmental risks.

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Soil remediation in particular, deals with strategies that are used to purify and remove contaminants from it. The factors that cause soil contamination and groundwater contamination are the same. Soil and groundwater are fouled from the same source and both must be remediated at the same time.Chemical spills, industrial activity, and the use of certain fertilizers and pesticides can contaminate the soil.

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Remediation tasks can range from large, big-ticket projects, on which a great deal of effort is spent to clean up fouled sites, to smaller, low cost projects. Remediation projects usually begin with a site assessment to determine the costs of the project, as well as the technology that would be the most appropriate for the particular site. A number of technologies are employed by environmental professionals, to straighten up polluted sites. Many companies narrow down in environmental remediation, and they employ a wide variety of workers.

MT2 is an industry leader in providing overall environmental cleanup& soil remediation services on a nationwide basis. MT2 has processed over 1,000,000 tons of lead and other hazards-impacted materials utilizing their patented ECOBOND® technology

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