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Advantages Of Chemical Soil Stabilization& Its Needs

Chemical stabilization helps in modifying the properties of soil thereby avoiding the need to remove or replace the soil with hazardous lead and other chemicals. After treatment with chemicals, the harmful elements in soil are converted into highly insoluble non-hazardous compounds. The treated soils contain extremely stable compounds that virtually eliminate leaching of lead/metals to the environment. This method is a cost effective one and it reduces the demand for non-renewable resources.

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Need for Chemical Soil Stabilization

The need for soil stabilization can be found in various situations, especially in brown fields. When industrial sites need to be demolished or made use for residential purposes, they pose a serious threat to life. The site may well contain hazardous chemicals like lead, arsenic etc. which if left untreated can cause fatalities. This is where soil stabilization techniques come in. It helps in converting the harmful elements in the soil into stable compounds, which are non-hazardous.

How Chemical Stabilization works

Chemical stabilization avoids the need to replace the soil and modifies the properties of the material. It is an alternative option to the ?remove and replace technique?. State approved non-hazardous chemical binders are used to convert lead and metals to a non-leachable form. After mixing them into the soil, the material properties are modified and stabilized as result of the various chemical reactions.

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In this most effective method of soil treatment, the inherently reactive compounds are removed and replaced with high performance materials. The binder to be used is chosen based on the mineralogy and type of the soil. Laboratory research is performed to identify the binder concentration and types.

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