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Importance Of Lead Abatement From Soil For Better Safety

Lead based paints are one of the major reasons for lead contamination in soil. In order to remove the lead from the soil and make it safe to inhabit, utilize the service of reputed EPA certified firms at the earliest.

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Lead Abatement is the process which involves the removal of lead-based paints and the lead contaminated particles from environment to make it safe for people to live and work. This process includes various stages like preparation for abatement, cleaning, waste removal and the clearance testing activities.

Harmful effects of lead in human beings usually range from vomiting, diarrhea, convulsions, coma, or even death.Exposure to lead can also cause behavioral & learning disorders in children and can affect the unborn child in pregnant women too.

Major carriers of lead are lead based gasoline, paints, pesticides, lead solder used in food cans, industrial wastes etc. Lead based paints are considered as potentially most dangerous in terms of lead infectivity.

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Governments and the regulatory authorities in many countries have already placed a ban over lead based gasoline and pesticides. They also restricted the manufacturing of lead based paints. The major concern regarding these paints is that it will deteriorate and get mixed with household dust and soil. This lead contaminated household dust is more likely to cause health issues in humans.

Choosing an EPA certified firm is the first & most important step towards lead abatement. The company will then perform surface-by-surface inspection to assess the level of lead-based paint present in the area for abatement. A detailed report based on the investigations and the options available for reducing the harmful effects of lead-based paint will also be provided by the firm. Final stage of the lead abatement includes clean up and waste disposal.

It should be noted that temporary processes like renovation, remodeling or landscaping cannot be considered as lead abatement process as it does not involve the permanent removal of lead-based paint hazards as done by the experts.

MT2 is an industry leader in providing overall environmental cleanup& soil remediation services on a nationwide basis. MT2 has processed over 1,000,000 tons of lead and other hazards-impacted materials utilizing their patented ECOBOND® technology.

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