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Health Effects From Overfeeding Your Dog

A balanced diet with essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients is mustfor every pet to make sure that they stay safe & healthy. But you need to ensure that you?re feeding your dog only the right amount of food, as overfeeding can cause an entirely different host of issues, including obesity, which can be difficult to manage and may also lead to numerous other health threats such as diabetes or arthritis.

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Another serious issue related to obesity is that it makes it difficult to treat and cure neurological and orthopedic problems. For instance,if a dog fractured a limb or has a joint disk slip, it can be much harder for him to recover and move around if they are carrying extra weight. Dogs that lead sedentary lifestyles and consume extra calories are at the highest risk of becoming obese. Almost half of American pet dogs are currently overweight or obese regardless of their breed.

Unfortunately most pet owners believe that the best way to express their love for dogs is by feeding them nutrient rich dog food all the time. Overfeeding your pets will only end up in creating serious health issues for them, and no pet owner wants that for their pet.Instead, take your dog out to the park, or take them for a drive and show them how much you care for them.

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The best practice to prevent obesity is to gradually stop overfeeding your pet and to encourage them to participate in various physical activities. Reducing their food intake may help them lose weight but it might also lead to nutritional deficiencies; and restricting calories too quickly (in overweight cats, specifically) can lead to liver failure. Therefore, it?s highly recommended to discuss with your veterinarian to determine the best plan of action to treat your obese pet.

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