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Dealing With Behavioral Problems In Your Pets Using Dog Toys & Exercises

Behavior problems in pet dogs arise mainly due to boredom these animals, which are otherwise meant to lead an active life, are usually home bound or caged. Meanwhile their wild counterparts spend a good amount of time walking, running around and hunting for food.In olden times, domestic dogs used to be trained for purposes like hunting or protection of farmlands. But the roles of a modern day pet are limited. They consume more calories than required by being fed without enjoying many which would burn these calories. This is a root cause of behavioral problems in dogs. The survival of these animals once depended on physical fitness, but now things have changed.

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Is your dog Home alone?

Modern day pets end up spending a considerable amount of time being home alone because of the busy life schedules of pet owners. Give your dog tasks that will help them occupy their time, such as giving an interesting puzzle toy stuffed with pet food. These toys not only hold their interest for long hours but also offer a mental challenge. Some dogs entertain themselves by chewing, and for those breeds dog bones will serve a proper purpose. Take precautions or consult your vet while selecting the dog bones, as there are some health problems associated with excessive bone chewing.

Games for pets

There are many safe and enjoyable games that dog owners can try to develop a good relationship with their pets. Games such as Tug-of-war, Hide & Seek, Find, Chase and Fetch will prove to be a good exercise for your pet, giving it exposure to a lot of physical activities. You can utilize these game sessions to teach them how to communicate with you effectively such as dropping or picking up things on your command.

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Veterinary Examination of Your Pet

Time to time, vet check-ups help you assess the mental and physical health condition of the pet.This will give your vet an opportunity to have a thorough examination of your dog?s overall body weight, behavior etc., and to provide advice on tapeworm and roundworm prevention, as well as other maladies, if necessary.

These simple tips can help you tackle health and behavioral problems in your pets and make their life more interesting and comfortable.

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