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Hospital Management System For Providing Efficient Health Care Services

A good hospital information system is inevitable in order to maintain the systematic and smooth functioning of hospitals. It also helps in controlling expenditure and improves the administration process.

Hospital management systems generally consist of different modules for specific purposes. Some of the most important modules are:

Laboratory information system:

This module is generally used by pathology labs in hospitals to record information regarding the various tests performed. It should be easily configurable and be customizable depending on the varying requirements of hospitals. It should be able to meet your laboratory requirements today and beyond.

Source - InstaHealthSolutions.com

Pharmacy management:

It consists of various systems which supports control functions, stock management, dispensing, drug information etc. Prescriptions from respective doctors and departments, comprehensive collection of the available drugs etc. can also be managed using this system.

Billing module:

One of the biggest challenges in every hospital or clinic is to maintain and provide easy access to the billing data whenever required. All types of billing operations can be easily handled using this module. It supports automated posting of all charges related to services like medicines re-issued, lab tests, food, beverages etc.

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Queue and appointment Management:

Effective scheduling of patients and appointments can be maintained easily by queue and appointment management feature. It is helpful for nurses and doctors to manage time slots and appointments. If the doctor is busy or unavailable, it prevents the system from generating appointments.

The system also comes with many other modules such as surgery scheduler, referral payments, clinical packages, ambulances & transportation etc. The whole system makes patient care

Insta Health Solutions is fast emerging as one of the most trusted and recognizable hospital management systems and EMR Solutions providers in the Healthcare sector. Insta Health's innovative solution enables hospitals to automate their key processes ? clinical, financial and operational management processes.

Cloud Based Hospital Information System - InstaHealthSolutions.com

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