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Why Grooming Matters: 5 Points To Remember

Grooming is essential for any pet. Be it your pet dog or cat, grooming ensures that they stay healthy & look good. Here are a few other important reasons why you should groom your pets regularly.

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1. Cleaner Pets & Cleaner Home

Some dogs love dirt. They like to walk in it, roll in it & get dirty. But this behavior might cause you some trouble if they are used to lying on the furniture or bed, making those surfaces dirty as well. So make sure that they stay clean & groom them regularly.

2. Prevent Infections

The thick fur on certain dog breeds can conceal tumors, skin diseases or even some objects imbedded in their skin. There have been incidents when objects like fish hooks have been found imbedded in their fur as a result of fishing activity that happened months before. If the air is unable to reach their skin, the possibility for fungal &bacterial infections cannot be ruled out either. So it is important to groom them regularly & clean their coat often.

3. Detect Diseases & Behavioral Problems

Regular grooming can ensure that diseases are detected at their early stage, which otherwise go unnoticed. This can save you a lot of time & concern as proper care and attention can be provided to them with less treatment expense as well. It also makes us familiar with the body & behavior of the pets, making us easily aware of any physical & behavioral changes due to diseases.

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4. Protect Their Paws

Nails are animportant asset of any animal. But they can also pose difficulties when they grow too long. It can badly affect the structural alignment of bones and tendons in dogs& can even hurt their foot pads as the nails grow too long and curl back. Too much hair growth between the pads can also cause materials to stick in between them as well.

5. Grooming Reflects Your Love & Care

How well the pet is groomed reflects the love and care you show to them. In many cases of lost or strayed dogs, people are reluctant to find out the owner, if they find the pets lack hygiene or show lack of grooming, which is interpreted as neglect. A person who loves their pet would be expected to groom their pets well.

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