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Tips To Choose The Best Dog Crates For Your Pets

Two of the most essential things one should provide their pets are good food and safe shelter. Crates of various designs & styles are available in the market today. While choosing one, make sure that they are strong, light and easy to carry. When you plan to travel with your pet, get your pet adjusted to the crate at-least a week before.

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Wired crates (or cages) are one of the most popular crates as they come with the advantage that they can be disassembled at home and screwed together later when required. These also provide proper ventilation which offers comfort for pets during hot weather conditions. For outdoor camping, bottom and side paddings are added for heat insulation. It can also be effortlessly folded back for transportation. Some crates also come with handles that make them easier to place in automobiles. There is also a drop-pin crate, which is not as portable as a wire crate but still is easy to use.

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Some crates come with wheels for easy transportability. This is helpful for those who own large pets. Normally, most crates for smaller dogs are provided with handles on top.  Plastic crates may not be a great choice if you often carry your dog outside. These crates often lack ventilation, which can create hazardous conditions for your pet, especially in hot weather.

A canvas or ?duffel? crate is another convenient portable crate. Although it is light and easy to carry, these are actually meant for small or medium sized dogs. A canvas crate will not be secure enough for large dogs or those breeds with sharp teeth and gnawing tendencies.

Make sure to keep this
information in mind when choosing a crate for your beloved pet!

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